Craig Hasel, KPA CTP, owner of Behaviors & Beyond K9 Training, began his dog training career working with a professional in training hunting retrievers, including his own dogs, Molly and Bess, who accompanied him on many trips. Since then, his admiration and respect for dogs grew as well as his interest in studying about their behavior, training and teaching others how to become responsible dog owners. He began volunteer work at the Parma Animal Shelter located in Greater Cleveland, Ohio where he found that training shelter rescues, and their new owners, became crucial in helping find families who would adopt and keep their new canine companion.

After about a year at the shelter, Craig was invited to take on the Health and Wellness chairman position for the dogs. He worked closely with the local animal control officers, other local shelters and a number of veterinarians in making important decisions about the welfare of every dog entrusted to his care. He worked closely with the shelter’s adoption counselors and was overseer for the vet committee.

Entering into this type of position gave Craig the opportunity to learn fundamental issues surrounding each dog’s breed, their behavior resulting from their background prior to arriving at the shelter, and their personality. When he discovered how many dogs were returned to the shelter due to something as simple as basic obedience or behavior issues, Craig took on an additional responsibility of working with those dogs that might be at risk for returning to the shelter. To further the success of adoptions, Craig also became involved in training each walker in the proper and consistent handling of dogs by using the clicker method and positive reinforcement. His reward comes when a shelter dog goes to a loving home and remains the family’s forever companion.

Craig’s training and certification through Karen Pryor Academy has catapulted his career; he continues his work the shelter.

Craig’s education through Karen Pryor Academy has helped shape his style of training. He provides personal in-home training, thus offering one-on-one attention to owners, their families and, of course, their canine companion.

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