Dogs rely on the structure that we provide for them; they need this structure to live in our human world appropriately and successfully. Unless taught, they have no way to communicate with us. When they are given no instructions, no boundaries, they experiment with their behavior to find out what consequences will follow. They are simply seeking information.


Healing the Aggressive Dog

By Emma Parsons, KPA CTP, APDT, NADOI

“Having worked with several dog trainers, I have found the most success with Behaviors & Beyond K9 Training. Craig is a very patient trainer who gives you step-by-step guidance on working through behavioral issues. As an owner of a dog with anxiety issues, each training class brings her closer to becoming calmer and less stressed in the presence of people. I highly recommend the expertise found with Behaviors & Beyond K9 Training.”

–Meghin H.

Expert Feedback

Anxiety and fear in dogs can be triggered by a number of circumstances, including:

Possible signs and symptoms of mild to severe anxiety and fear in dogs:

Trembling, tail tucked, withdrawal, hiding, reduced activity, passive escape behavior, active escape, out-of-context or potentially injurious motor activity, automatic nervous system response such as diarrhea, excessive licking and biting itself.

If your dog exhibits any of the above signs or symptoms, give us a call to get started on your personal plan of action.

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